50 Precious Words

Have you ever entered a writing competition?

How about one where hundreds of people see your work and gasp! comment/like on your story?

Welcome to my first attempt at a writing competition – Vivian Kirkfield’s 50 Precious Words. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing and by my entry you can tell I’m a bit green but I had a lot of fun and finally got over the fear of putting myself out there.

Enjoy and please don’t eat the soup.

Bathwater Soup

By Julia Hammond (50 words)


Oh no. What was that?

Mmmhmm. Scrumptious! 

Are you drinking what I think you’re drinking?

Glub, glub, glub,

Rub a dub, dub,

Soup in the tub. 


Just needs a little salt ….



No. Drinking. Bathwater! 

But why?!

Because that’s butt water. And we don’t drink that. 

Art by Gloria Sánchez

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