Spring Fling Writing Contest

Huzzah! SpringFlingKidLit is here and it’s another chance to put your writing out there. SpringFlingKidLit is hosted by Ciara O’Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez.

This quote by Michell C. Clark helps me to overcome the fear of putting myself out there.

“When you’re nervous about stepping outside of your comfort zone, remind yourself: It feels scary because it’s unfamiliar, not because I’m incapable.”

Michell C. Clark

Besides, it’s not like Mitchum Huntzberger is going to be judging my portfolio (any Gilmore Girls fans out here?)

Please enjoy my little tale of a very punny bunny and a gif created by Kele.


WC 120

By Julia Hammond

The Easter bunny had never owned a small business before.

He turned off his alarm, put on his glasses and started his pawsitive thinking. 

You’re a peep-les person.

He looked in the mirror. 

You can do this.

He put on a suit. Too dull.

Hi, welcome! Hop on in! 

He put on a bow. Too bright.

We’re having a 50% off sale on eggs!

He put on a pastel tie.


He combed his hair, grabbed his keys and checked himself out one last time. 

Now, that’s a real chick magnet. 

He glanced at the calendar and . . .


It was SUNDAY.

The store was closed. 

You know what they say, he thought with a grin, Yolks on me!

The end.

GIF created by Kele on gifer.com

Thank you to Ciara O’Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez. Check out everyone’s stellar spring stories here.

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