A Typical Week of Learning

One thing I am passionate about is LEARNING. When I decided to write picture books I knew it would be hard with thousands of steps in front of me. I want to share some of the things I do weekly to help my writing improve. Happy writing!

#1 Webinars!

I learn so much from hearing other writers talk about their craft and what the industry is really like behind closed doors. Example Tara Lazar informed me on how important alliteration, wordplay, and onomatopoeia are in a manuscript.

#2 Reading in your genre!

A library card is my best friend. Like muscle memory in dance, reading in your genre helps you to absorb nuances in writing and become familiar with read aloud flow, full circle endings, and lived-in narratives. I go with my children 2-3 times a week.

#3 Critique Groups!

Twice a week I critique another writer and this helps me to think about craft and apply it to someone else’s work. This helps me to self-critique my own work and to develop friendships in this sphere. It’s a wonderful part of the week. Thank you Hannah Holt!

#4 Agent Manuscript Wishlist Study

About three times a week I go on this website to find what agents are looking for and to learn about agents I want to work with. I type info into an online spreadsheet to remember books they’re interested in, advice on the market and whether or not they are open to queries.

#5 In Depth Study on Craft

Once a week, I delve into one of my books on picture book craft. I wish I could afford an online class, but I am not there yet financially and this is still a great source of knowledge.

I go slowly. One chapter a week and try to apply the technique to a manuscript I’ve already written.

#6 Last but not least… TWITTER!

Almost everyday I check twitter to see what the algorithm is going to present for me on writing. I follow agents, writers and published authors to get tips on querying, the market and to engage in twitter pitch contests. It helps me improve my pitches and it offers so much advice on the current state of publishing.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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