I’m so glad my friend Emily recommended that I try for #PBCritiqueFest this year! It’s a massive Picture Book giveaway put on by PBSpotlight for unagented writers and illustrators.

This year there are 32 giveaways and several opportunities to get additional entries of your name into the hat! Just posting this blog post gets your name entered an additional !!50 TIMES!! into the giveaway!!

Let’s jump right in! If you’re interested in getting manuscript feedback from published authors and illustrators go to PBCRITIQUE FEST’s homepage and fill out the form!

AND THEN WRITE. WRITE. WRITE. and hope that your name gets magically drawn for your dream critique!!

Thank you to alllllllll the people at PBSPOTLIGHT and all of the authors/illustrators for giving their time for an event like this! I’m so grateful and absolutely thrilled to be entering this giveaway!



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