Favorite author growing up?

My favorite memories are snuggled in bed mesmerized by A.A. Milne’s poems. I wanted to travel to Timbuktu and frolic with Pooh in the 100 Acre Forest. It’s heartwarming to see my own children do the same.

Favorite thing to teach?

Have you ever watched a 10 year old plant seeds from outer space? Have you ever seen a senior build an arcade from scratch, video game, console and all? Have you ever helped an 8th grader count the scales on a butterfly wing? If you haven’t guessed it, my favorite thing to do is teach science in a whimsical, hands-on way. When not teaching science, I enjoy convincing children to love reading and writing.

What are you doing right now?

There is a high probability that I am currently eating my toddler’s pb & j crusts while watching him wave to helicopters. The baby is most likely chewing on a board book.

There is a low probability that I am on Twitter.

Who inspires you?

The women behind Alumni For Change are my heroes. The time I got to work with them was exciting, provocative and always nerve-racking. Asking institutions to change is difficult, but knowing in your heart it’s the right thing to do is easy.

Favorite author today?

Easy, peasy. Drew Daywalt once took the time to video my classroom and give them his top tip for writing. It was my first year as a teacher and I choke up just thinking about it. He inspired a new student to write a full story for the first time. I’m grateful for his impact and that moment during author’s chair.

Scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Walking up to the guy in the café and asking him to be my husband. Okay that’s a long story short but you get the gist.