Hi, I’m Julia. I’m a mother, teacher and writer. 

I write about overlooked everyday experiences that carry a tiny bit of magic. The day my favorite hairbrush broke. The day my father pretended the broom was a saxophone. The day my grandmother told me about Susan L. Taylor.

I remember how as a little girl, everything around me emphasized that being different was not beautiful or correct, even though I grew up in a Black and Brazilian household. So I write stories where people like me, my siblings and my students can feel seen and worthy

I am proud to be a member of Julie Hedlund’s 12 x 12, SCBWI and an original member of Alumni For Change where encouraging schools to diversify their curriculum was achieved through student data, parent webinars and online petitions. 

I am proud of all the aspects of my life that weave its way into my writing. My goal is to write stories that, as Maya Angelou phrased it, carry, “The voices of your ancestors who speak to you over ancient seas and across impossible mountaintops.”

Me with some of my 7 siblings: taken by my mother